Garrys Mod TTT Dedicate Server CSS Mount Problem

I have a Dedicated Garrys Mod (TTT) Server that i bought from Elite Game Servers and i had them mount css but on every map some of the props don’t spawn and when i was hosting the server off my own PC i had the same problem i use a worksop collection to add the addons/maps to my server and when a detective places a health station it just stays floating in the air and you can walk through it please someone help is it how i load the maps or do i need a different css thing on my server or what please help

I was able to fix the map problem but i still need help with health stations they always float

Can you paste the mount.cfg file located in /garrysmod/cfg/

I am not sure how “Elite Game Servers” works, but you say you had them mount it for you?
if you are hosting yourself you input the location of your CStrike in the mount.cfg that tripps41 mentioned. But since it is on their servers I assume you do not have the option to manually install the CStrike directory. Therefor you should contact your host. I don’t think there’s anything FacePunch can do for you.

// Use this file to mount additional paths to the filesystem
// DO NOT add a slash to the end of the filename

“cstrike” “G:\TCAFiles\Users(*****)\garrysmod”
// “tf” “C:\mytf2server f”

the perentheses and stars are my username and password

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ok fine what would i do to fix my hosted one that i host from my pc what is the proper CSS app id to get the right files