Garry's Mod Tutorial: How to use custom animations

This is a tutorial i made while back never really wanted to upload it, until I got requests

This tutorial takes off from where maxofs2d’s tutorial stopped, that tutorial showed how to get custom animations into source this one will show you how to get your custom animations into Garry’s mod.

Files Required :

Links to Programs used :

SMD Plugin for 3ds max




Good stuff. I’m sure this will help many. :smile:

You could just use Henry’s Animation Tool addon, it is quite the same except 120% easier then 3DS Max.

No, HAT can NEVER beat traditional animation.
You my friend have no idea

In the state of Easy To Use and Free To Download, it does.
HAT has 0, and i mean ZERO, need for tutorials.

There are close to 10,000 tutorials for 3DSMax.

IF your looking for cheap animation and no skill hat is the way to go, but if you wanna make something good then 3ds max is the way to go

Exactly, if you have the money to buy it and the time to learn all the stuff in it.
Illegal downloading shall not be a considered thing.

Or…you could just use Blender which is absolutely free. Don’t imply that if we have this ‘software’, we illegally downloaded it. Not everyone is a pirate man.

I know, but 75% of Facepunch is little kids with no money.
Therefore this comparison is not being based on pirating.
Because in that case yeah 3DSMax beats out HAT.
And im not implying… where did you see that? I actually said im not considering illegal downloading an option.

But Blender… i totally forgot about it.
Blender is pretty cool; i made one of those 21 Century logo animations for my school a couple years back.

whos say i pirate stuff thats illegal and I can post you the reciet to the program i bought if you dont believe me

You are completely retarded aren’t you?
Im not saying anything a bout you pirating anything.
Get your dumb ass back to 1st grade please and learn to read some basic text. I put the text in the simplest form i can using some basic English 1.

calm down hot shot mate we dont have all day on the computer most of us have lives and Im sorry if I misunderstood you but I was on for like 2 minutes