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ZeosPantera’s Collection (DivX Play needed):

Tutorial Streams::

01- What is Wiremod

02- Wire Hydraulics

03- Wire Control

04- Wire/Gear Transmission

05- If and Then

06- Complex Gears

07- Expression1 V1

08- Independent Suspension

09- Propellers

10- Slapper8 Full Build

11- Submersibles

12- Forcer Motor

13- Expression1 V2

14- How Not to LAG!

15- Expression2 V1 NEW

16- Joystick Mod NEW

Perfect Roast Beef

Click here for the iPod Version of the Slapper 8 tutorial (Thanks Uber!)

Orb’s Collection:

Credits: ZeosPantera,Orb

More to come

Well, copypasta but at least someone gave out links for his videos for once.


Are these vids on youtube? can’t be bothered to wait for the HD to buffer.

Finally I understand Gate - Expression lol ;>

I watched the first one, I was rather interested. I like this one also because it sounds like a person not a bunch of text.

Added orbs tuts


Links are not working :(.