Garry's Mod Tutorials and Construction Help Megathread V. Alpha 0.1

Hello to all Garry’s Mod engineers and mingebags! I know we have talented people on Facepunch who know wiremod and every other tool inside out, some of these people are: Jackpody, Mr.White, Balto-the-Wolf-Do, and many more! I also know a lot of people are struggling with something in their Gmod projects, wether it be not knowing how to make a fading door, a robot-mech that can walk sideways, and etc… That’s why i’m making a thread for user generated tutorials. So if you have your own tutorials you made already post them here!

Format types: The tutorials can be in video form, simple text, and photos.

Note: If your going to make video tutorial please remember words and voice are recommended.

How it works:
Some one may request how something is done
Ex: “How can I use wiremod to make an advanced car engine?”
Then someone else will create a tutorial on that topic as a response.

Rules: 1. If you’re stuck with your project, be specific and be descriptive as possible as what your current sate of the project is and what you think and know you need help on.

  1. Don’t reply to someone just to make fun of them for not knowing something (basically don’t reply just to be an ass.)

If you have a request for any other rules just tell me.

PRIZES! If this thread is successful then after 3 months starting now, the top contributor of the thread that’s been most helpful will receive a prize of 1 of the following 2 hats for Team Fortress 2!


The handy-mans handle

The following tutorials belong to their respectful owners.

Mingebag tutorials:


Simple wire-turret

auto gun shop for dark rp

Advanced tutorials:

How to use e2

How to make a wire-engine

Side note: Another reason why I am making this thread is to maybe inspire Garry to bring back the old construction (or whatever it was called) subforum that a lot of people want back.

Have fun!

I posted a lot of tutorials that us builders made in the op of the Post Your Current WIP thread, works wonders. I got a couple tutorials and White / Karbine got quite a few too.

I made this thread about helping and tutorials only while trying not to concentrate on showing projects.
(and I also wan’t to help you guys get your old sub forum back)

I know a lot of people like making cars so why not a car alarm?

What you need

Target finder
Set to track players
Set the radius to 20

Sound emitter
Set to a sound that you want to go off

Set to a key that will toggle the alarm off and on
Check Toggle

Greater than gate X2
Found in the “Gate->comparison” menu

And gate
Found in the “Gate->logic” menu
Wiring it

Wire a Greater Than to the Input
Wire a Greater Than to the Tracker
Wire the And to the 2 Greater Thans
Wire the Sound to the And

If it is wired correctly then when someone enters your vehicle with the input active the alarm will go off. of course this can be modified to do anything when someone enters your car because all it does is send an output of 1. This output can then trigger anything you want. Be imaginative

Note: Improvement: remove the greater than gates and wire the numpad input and target finder directly to the and gate as they alreay output 1 or 0.

Actually, Instead of teaching noobs to use laggy and cumbersome gates, Things like this should have e2 tutorials.

E2, I have a bad history of

that wire turret is outdated by atleast a year
e2 can do the entire thing with 3 chips and no axiss

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yeah infact i saw some of your posts in the wip thread and just…
not trying to be rude, but catch up with the times, stop using gates and start learning e2 shit
motor stuff is kind of old now
and ACF
thats what to use, it has engines and guns and a armor simulator

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and wtf, hoverballs for a mech, hoverballs arent even used for helicopters or jets anymore, the guy isnt even using wire or anything like wtf, who doesnt even use wire

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all the videos are atleast 2 years old and two are from 08 and 07, these are extremely outdated now

Everything is outdated and bad in the first place. I might post some soon just so you get an idea of what’s with the times now.

Advanced methods of building don’t invalidate simpler methods.
Play how you fucking want, yo

As long as it works properly as I always say.

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I’m still in my ming stages…

yes but newer things are EASIER and FASTER and LESS LAGGY then older ones

If you want to work using methods that haven’t been used since 2007, feel free to. Don’t make it so others who are just getting into this stuff have to carry the completely unnecessary baggage of outdated techniques. If you’re going to offer tutorials, make sure they’re new. You wouldn’t teach a Computer Science class with text from '95, would you? Exactly.

well said