Garry's Mod UI graphic glitch

I can only start Gmod in directx 70 mode. 80 or 81 crashes out with an error about not being able to write to memory. 90 or 95 just results in a pure black screen.

Once in dx7 mode, the main menu, it has black lines on the words for the menu choices. I can see the words, but theres just black lines on em.

I can start into single player mode. The loading screen has a blacked out box.

Once ingame, I have no UI (main problem). If I minimize gmod and restore it, it works again. It glitches out again as soon as I press “Q” however. Ideas?

I only seem to have this problem on Windows XP btw.

  • Yes I know my GPU isn’t made for games but I know for a FACT that Garry’s Mod does play without graphics glitches or anything on this card.

  • It plays fine on Vista, 7, Crossovers on Mac, and Wine on Linux.

System Specs

  • Intel 950GMA
  • Intel Celeron M (1.6GHz)
  • 2GB RAM
  • Windows XP
  • Laptop

Any ideas?

hmm, buy a nvidia 7600 GS, run it without the DX7 mode

Can’t upgrade a laptop.

Next suggestion?


Gmod requirs dx8+ so you really need a new grafics card. I had the same blem once and I crashed on fx or decals

But it works fine in any other OS, except XP. and my DirectX is updated also. My GPU can support DX9 too :confused:

…Then upgrade your OS.

Source has launch options to go as far back as DX6. I don’t think going back to DX6 does anything, though. HOWEVER, I know it works if you tell it to use DX7.

So, Source (and thus GMod) requires at least DX7.


He’d have to upgrade his system to do that without issue.

you CAN upgrade a laptop, you just have to buy a mobile graphics card and not origonal ones, but be very careful installing it, but really i would reccomend getting a repair shop to do it.

alternatively just buy a new, better laptop, or even better a computer

No my laptop is only upgradable by CPU and RAM. I might be able to pull some miracle in finding a mini pci graphics card or something but I highly doubt this is even possible.

I have no money to even upgrade to a newer computer anyway.

I know I could upgrade, but I just wanted to know why Gmod sucks on XP, but works fine in any other OS. It even works fine on Mac or Linux in crossovers, which I would have expected this kind of issue to have came up on…