Garry's Mod Update 72 (Post about it here!)

Read the news post for all the details on the new update (changelog)

This thread is for chatting about the new update. If you’re having issues because of the update, head over to this thread.

Lots of things have been changed, there will be a full changelog soon on

*starts counting the addons that will break with this update

Great, now I gotta wait for the damn servers to update.


Update gone done broke my scoreboard

vgui.Create: Error when calling 'SuiScoreBoard':Init (fts\gamemode\sui_scoreboard\player_infocard.lua:112: attempt to call method 'GetWebsite' (a nil value))
ERROR: GAMEMODE:'ScoreboardShow' Failed: fts/gamemode/cl_init.lua:64: attempt to index global 'SuiScoreBoard' (a nil value)
fts\gamemode\sui_scoreboard/scoreboard.lua:234: attempt to index field 'lblPing' (a nil value)
fts\gamemode\sui_scoreboard/scoreboard.lua:194: attempt to index field 'lblPing' (a nil value)
fts\gamemode\sui_scoreboard/scoreboard.lua:194: attempt to index field 'lblPing' (a nil value)
ERROR: GAMEMODE:'ScoreboardHide' Failed: fts/gamemode/cl_init.lua:74: attempt to index global 'SuiScoreBoard' (a nil value)

My SUI scoreboard works fine.

I think you just need to update your fast download server’s cache, that worked for me.

Or not… Strange.

Still waiting for a jerky player movement fix.

I prefered the old background and menu font :<

The menu font I can do myself, anyone happen to have the background image saved? xD


Who disagreed with me?!

Damnit people it doesn’t even show the Gmod logo anymore. It’s not Gmod unless it says so on the tin! D=<

But they wont… Well mine wont. Dammit garry.

Yeah, damn that man for updating his mod. Damn him.

Noclip is a little smoother than before which I like, other than that so far everything seems okay.

I like the new thruster sounds but one some are a little too soft. What I don’t understand is why there is a “Steam Low” when there is not even a regular “Steam” sound. In any case, at least that volume was lowered.

I’ve noticed that in Prop-Hunt the props parented model seems to set it’s angles very jerkily.

Did he change something to do with parenting? It’s deffinately different somewhere, different for the worse that is.

and I wonder… my gmod doesn’t start anymore at all :frowning: gotta remove and remake a clean install… stupid stuff :frowning:

Correction: It does… just no more loading gauge… and it takes MUCH MUCH MUCH longer than before… even blanked it took very long!

Normal Sandbox, Some old Thrusters that where dup’d wont paste now, also wire is way broken

I’ve always wondered why people make threads about the updates with titles such as “GMod update**?", "Did your GMod just update?**” and my personal favorite, “What the fuck all my addons are broken!”.

Why the fuck are you adding a ? to the end of your title, of course it’s just updated! Did you not see the big Steam message saying “Garrysmod has finished downloading” or something?

Also this update added a fair amount on new crap, mostly everything from Jintos Renderx module (give or take some of the more dangerous/ unstable bits). And the thruster change will be nice on my ears.

Some people are insecure and needs clarification lol.

Smart constraint. It’s broken afaik. Runs well but never welds

Same here , i thought it was me at first, but after multiple suicides, reconnects and restarts I wondered if it could be the update… well now I have my answer, just hope it’s fixedmsoon, my airplane is ground-only atm XD