Garry's Mod Update 72 (Post here if you're having issues because of it)

Let’s keep all the problems associated with the new update in this thread. Post here and we’ll try and help you resolve your issues. If you want to chat about the update, head over to this thread.

My Garry’s Mod Q menu won’t show up, and I checked the key, its bound to it.

Well people mocked me for saying wire didn’t work worth shite, and that it’s me…

I have the updated svn and i lost a bunch of tools, and nothing works anymore.

I keep getting a “Logged in elsewhere” error when i create a server on Gmod. SP works fine.
I’ve fresh reinstalled gmod, restarted steam but nothing works. And only Gmod seems to be affected.

Got the same problem

FYI, problems with addons are to be resolved by the addon authors. Garry said this a few updates ago.

Thruster sound problem: only working Electric beam, Steam Low,

I’ll condense what I posted in the news thread:

-Light tool: Sprites still visible through the world.
-Ignite tool: Fire does not create light (can I also suggest an option to turn off the “fire” particles, so we just have the natural light?)

I also recommend you add “models/props_debris/wood_board05a.mdl” and all associated board models to “Useful Construction Props”.

Never mind.

Edit: Might as well use this post :stuck_out_tongue:
To the below post: Making “good basic props” is a job for modelers, not garry.

we need more good basic props.

Some users are apparently getting a crash when they spawn RT cameras.

I can’t seem to replace backgrounds any more. The replacement one shows up when the blue bar comes up, but when it goes to the main menu, the new one comes up (the one added in the update).

My sui_scoreboard won’t work D:

When i open it, the Names are messed up, and i the scoreboard won’t hide when i’m not pressing tab, its still there…

sui_scoreboard/scoreboard.lua:234: attempt to index field 'lblPing' (a nil value)

If anyone is having problem with anything clean your gmod. If it works then it’s an add-on that’s conflicting and then it’s the person who made the addons problem.

did you read the topic its the update we are talking about cleaning does nothing.

anybody’s server having a problem with sui_scoreboard?

Of course it does. If gmod somehow isn’t working it might be because of your shitty addons ruining it. Remove them and if everything works you have nothing to complain about.

Broken addons isn’t garrys problem.

thruster sounds dont work other than the steam low, even no sound doesnt work. adv. dupe is broke, thrusters just fall off when the dupe is spawned, game keeps getting engine errors ever 3 minutes (on a vanilla gmod). The thruster sound is caused by some dumbass addon, havent figured out what yet.

All of my adv dupes are broke, Comes up with errors saying it cant spawn so and so item.

Garrysmod won’t launch, validates files then nothing happens.