Garry's Mod Update Problems Thread - Update #80

Post any problems in this thread if you’re having problems because of the most recent GMod update.

It fucked up Half life 2 Episode 1, Episode 2, Death Match and portals. And considering I purchased every one of those from steam I dont know what the fuck is going on.

Keeps crashing, “HL2 has stopped working…”

Hope there is a fix for it, im in a skype call with 6 people right now wanting to have a mech fight on a server…

This update fixed this problem for me?
So this update got rid of this stopped working part.

GMod now won’t load. It gets to the screen where it has Loading down in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, then it just sits there and does nothing.

Problem One:

“hl2.exe Has stopped working”

Ever since the update this has happened over, and over, and over. I can’t play gmod like this. :frowning:

Problem Two:

All weapons are held as if they were pistols, even rifles, shotguns, ect. It looks really weird, but not as bad as problem one.

If he’s talking about the validating screen, then same here.
It won’t go past it.

1. Crashing
Before the update, Garry’s Mod was (somewhat) stable. Now I can expect every session to end in a crash. I have absolutely no idea why.

2. Memory Issues
Once again, before the update, GMod ran fine and I never ran into out-of-memory problems. Now they show up just about every other time I host my server. I’ve never had this problem with any of my other games (Such as GTAIV, Sins of a Solar Empire, and others) and didn’t have this problem with GMod until the update. Two others I regularly play with have given me some information on the problem: One with a 64-bit OS reports the same trouble on occasion (I use a 64-bit OS, as well), while the other, who runs a 32-bit OS, has seen nothing of the sort.
I have 4GB of RAM and idle on 1.8 used on average.

Same here, it hangs at the startup screen.

Ironicly enough, I’m having these problems too- it was for the most part fine until I got portal- then after that G-Mod updated, and now I’m constantly crashing. I’m forced to run the game in Dx 8.1, despite that before the patch, I could run the game in Dx 9… so whats up with that.

Overall instability.

^This. I’ve just come back from a break I took because I lost some rather large contraptions to CTD… and now it’s 50x worse.

I managed to play on my freinds server last night without too many problems, its still very unstable though.

All the guns are held like pistols, and i get “hl2.exe Has stopped working”

Bump- I’d also like to add that I didn’t have this crashing problem before I mounted Portal. Ironically enough, I think this was just after the last update.

For guns held like pistols, this is because new animation prediction was added. This means that the addon / swep creators have to update their addons, not Garry (it’s a simple case of setting the holdtype to shared, instead of server only).

i has both errors :frowning:

Spawnmenu is nigh-unusable on a low resolution. I cannot use a higher resolution because the game becomes unplayable.

Get with the times. Anything lower than 800x600 is obsolete.

The spawn menu is blank, and I am forced to use browse to spawn models. Also, every time a try to startmovie a demo into an avi file, hl2.exe stops working and it crashes.
The strange part is that I didn’t have any problems until yesterday…

It’s fixed.

Now it’s doing it again. Working-ness (for lack of a better word, stability possibly) seems to go in and out.