Garry's Mod Update

Derma start laggy as hell after update, why it so happening will it be fixed?

Nothing seems slow for me.

Same for me, things started loading really slow in the Menu and produces lags

ADv dupe 2 will drain your framerate until you rejoin the server now.

I don’t have adv dupe 2

garry’s shitty fix makes gmod slow as fuck, tools take 5 seconds to initialize, and some tools cause massive FPS drains

You really sound like the kind of person that’s ungrateful for the things that are given.

Just wait, I’m pretty sure in his blog he said he didn’t have time to test much, or that he was rushing, so people would stop complaining about Garry’s Mod being down.

I’ve noticed that TF2 is extremely slow at first for me (I spend the first 2 minutes of in-server time at 0 FPS), so I’m inclined to think the engine update has something to do with the lag.

(Meaning it still isn’t Garry’s fault.)

The HTML derma control is fucked.

I wouldn’t care how long it took as long it’s done right

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the engine update changed the way html works, and it’s fucked derma somehow, causing anything with subcategories to lag like FUCK until they’re all loaded.

Holy crap is it slow, and just after I spent time yesterday cleaning up my addons to make it go much faster. Now undone.

And it doesn’t help that the single player “disconnect” bug happens whenever you do something too cool for school, now I gotta go through long loading everytime it happens…

You do realize that he’s fixing it, right? He pushed this update ASAP so people would quit bitching about the game not launching. His priority was “gotta make the game work” not “gotta make Amplar happy with this update”. Seriously, you’re taking the fact that it’s mostly a single individual working on the game for granted. Read his blog some. He said himself it was a rather in-depth engine update and he would straighten out the problems tomorrow (today? idk how his time lines up with CST) when he got access to his build servers, to fix Mac and Linux builds too.

Personally, even though the lag is annoying. I’m just grateful that Garry made a fix to have the game running. Though I keep in the back of my mind not to jerk the mouse around (Thinking Gmod froze up) when applying the face poser, otherwise I’d be facing somewhere else when it finally goes.

The thing is, my game isn’t even laggy at all. Just an insane loading time when loading a map. I can’t really get myself to play anymore now, and I have a series I needed to film!

Also I would have been fine waiting for a fix instead of him rushing, but I guess I can’t speak for everyone else who wanted it now now now!

I make myself to hate tf2!

He can’t appease everyone.


I’m pretty sure he gets a lot more of these.

How could you not feel rushed with messages like that?

Wow, what dickish comments. I sure hope that isn’t the majority of the community.

People should stop bitching about the update, and play something else. Or you know better yet go outside?

He has broken mobenix and I can’t host a server.


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Update released. Still can’t play.

fuck all those people yelling and insulting garry for “not doing his job”, that’s ridiculous. with that attitude he might as well not even do it. same case happened with george lucas, people tell him he’s an idiot for changing his own work, and oh look, now he’s not going to do anything related to star wars anymore.