Garry's Mod Update

Players now breathe
Players hold their ear while using voicechat
Fixed NPC weapons not saving properly in Toybox saves
Fixed paint not saving properly in Toybox saves
Fixed crash when joining server with corrupt datapack
Fixed memory leak in datapack loading
Fixed player not drawing in render targets
Downloaded fonts are immediately available
Fixed player moving when ducking with custom hull sizes
Added r_projectedtexture_filter (default 1)
NPCs can now fire the crossbow
Fixed weapons dissapearing when looking at hated NPC
sv_loadingurl can contain %s which will be replaced with the client’s steamid

That’s pretty awesome. So we now have more lifelike animations, and a lot of glitches fixed. So what do you guys think of the new update?

You are used to the tf2 style of the updates from what i can see,we usually discuss the updates when garry makes them in the subversion subforum or in the Lua sub forum way before he actually sends them to valve.
Anyway,this bugfix update was needed,for instance,now you can redownload something on toybox even though it failed the first time,without the need of restarting gmod.

What does he mean when he says “Players now breathe”?
Does it mean that the player’s 1st person view shifts a little?


The model moves as if it’s breathing.

Breathing animations, at first I thought they already had that in hl2 dm.

No, they didn’t ever have that. Garry’s Mod took animations from HL2: DM I believe, the two are very similar.

Ever since the update, the game crashes every time I try to load a map. It gets stuck at the last bit for initializing game data, then I get an endless sound stutter, and it never gets past that point. I’ve found a way to make it work, but is anyone else having the same problem as I am?


The ear shit is pretty retarded.

%s doesn’t appear to be working. :V

Are there more people that has 0.00 behind every chat ingame?

Like your shit, huh? :v:

I like this update.


So, does players now breathe, mean the same as the function in SharpeYe called head bobbing?
Or does it have something to do with the 3rd person model?

Just the thirdperson model.


Life support 3 is now broken.