Garry's Mod Update

Care to elaborate on that?

It sends in CommunityID. :>

Now if only they could fix people not being able to see and/or join servers. My friend hasn’t been able to play Gmod since the PHX update.

How do you do salute animations and shit? Some guy on my TTT Server does it after the update and I have no idea how.

Does anybody else got “0.00” in the end of every chat message? It is kind of annoying, and i would like to hear if anybody else got this bug?

The update destroyed my friend’s inline 6 cylinder engine. Why must this happen.

string.gsub returns 2 arguments, the text and the number of characters replaced I think, it’s printing both arguments, not a bug, just chat code needs changing.

But it dosen’t appears at all in the chatbox script.

You just said it printed “0.00” in the chat after every message.