Garry's Mod V1 - V9.0.4c Fixed and Playable! New Thread! Every GMod Version Included!

Another mirror, courtesy of JetBoom.
21th July 2013

Hey guys!

Are you interested in GMod’s history? Are you wondering what GMod was like back in the old days before Episode One and the Orange Box? Or are you simply longing to experience GMod again like it was ‘back in the day’, if only for a couple of minutes?

Well my friend, fortunately for you I have brought together and made playable a whopping TWENTY-THREE old versions of GMod for your enjoyment and reminiscence. This pack is perfect for you if you can’t be bothered to fix these old mods yourself. Each version was downloaded from some site or another before being fixed.


- 21st July 2013: Another mirror, courtesy of JetBoom.

  • 19th July 2013: New secondary mirror is available, courtesy of maurits150!
  • 17th July 2013: New download links; this time I’m using MediaFire. I’ve rearranged the files themselves, too. They’re in tar.xz format now (much better compression, and multi-platform).
  • 17th July 2013: Banana Lord’s mirrors unfortunately died. New working download links will be provided soon! (And thanks Banana Lord for the help over the last two and a half years!)
  • 8th August 2012: Secondary mirrors removed due to dead links. An alternative has been offered and will be provided soon.
  • 29th February 2012: New mirrors added, courtesy of Banana Lord!
  • 29th February 2012: Multiupload went down, so new secondary mirrors will be provided soon (probably also by the great Banana Lord). Also, happy leap year, everyone.
  • After abandoning this thread for some 10 months, I’m back! We have Multiupload instead of the other mirrors (which went down), thanks to the user skeleto (see page 6 of thread)! Things may need fixing on this, seeing as it’s been 10 months since I last looked, but I’m guessing Source SDK 2006 hasn’t changed all too much. Have fun guys, and I’m here for support again! (2nd November 2011)
  • D2K5S1 has provided MORE alternative mirrors, just see the Downloads section!
  • In the Other Crap section of the thread there’s now an alternative page for the primary mirror.
  • An alternative mirror for the GM_Construct Collection is linked on the thread and is working.
  • The images for Banana Lord’s mirrors have been updated and are working.
  • Buggzie has kindly provided alternative mirrors which you can find underneath the normal downloads!
  • Banana Lord has provided some mirrors for the downloads, with fancy self-updating pictures!


  • Many thanks to Banana Lord for providing the primary mirrors up until 17th July 2013!
  • Need any help with the pack itself? PM me or post on the thread.
  • Having issues with the mirrors? Contact me about the primary mirrors, and maurits150 about the secondary mirrors.


Some people will want this list so I’ll put it up here. Full list of the 23 GMod versions included in this pack:

That was sort of a waste of space, but never mind.


In terms of software, you need Steam, Half-Life 2, Source SDK Base 2006, and possibly Half-Life 2: Deathmatch for some versions, all installed and recently played.


  • January 2011: For some reason, versions later than 9.0.1 won’t show in your library if they’re all there. To resolve this, only store one GMod V9 in the sourcemods folder at a time (you don’t really need any more than that anyway).
  • The “teleportation thumbnails” present in some versions of gm_construct, that when used lead to various HL2 maps, apparently no longer function. At some point I will attempt to fix this, but I don’t know if it’s fixable without decompiling, manually fixing, and recompiling gm_construct, which is a process that can cause its own problems. For now, this is just a notice.
  • Crashes sometimes (but rarely) occur when playing some of the versions, but this is probably due to buggy code. Remember, the Source SDK Base 2006 hasn’t changed for a long time, so the engine itself should be totally compatible.


The pack is split into three archives. Each download is a tar.xz file. These can be opened and extracted by WinRAR or 7-zip on Windows and Mac. Linux users can deal with these files with any standard package manager. Each archive contains a README.txt file, which I strongly recommend reading.

Garry’s Mod versions 1 - 6c
Mirror 1 (MediaFire)
Mirror 2 (courtesy of maurits150)
Mirror 3 (courtesy of JetBoom)

Garry’s Mod versions 7 - 8.3b
Mirror 1 (MediaFire)
Mirror 2 (courtesy of maurits150)
Mirror 3 (courtesy of JetBoom)

Garry’s Mod versions 9.0 - 9.0.4c
Mirror 1 (MediaFire)
Mirror 2 (courtesy of maurits150)
Mirror 3 (courtesy of JetBoom)


Aha! Yes, an extra! For you and you only, I have collected the 10 pre-retail versions of the hugely iconic map gm_construct from the 23 versions of GMod of which you see download links before your dilated eyes (LOLWUT). I haven’t taken any from the GMod 9.1 betas though, because I haven’t included the betas in my pack.

The download links are here - same as above, it’s a tar.xz file, and it also contains a README.txt file which I recommend reading.

Mirror 1 (MediaFire)
Mirror 2 (courtesy of maurits150)


If you’ve set up a server for any of the fixed versions in my previous pack, then download the relevant section of this new pack and recreate the server; some mod names have been changed for easy distinguishing between versions.

If you want the original versions, unedited, unfixed and as I downloaded them myself, then I have backed them all up and I will gladly upload them all-in-one for you. Just PM me.

Bugs you think I (or anybody else on Facepunch) can sort out? Post them on this thread and I’ll see what I can do, and I hope so will the rest of the community interested in this thread.


Well, just remember to, as usual, have one hell of a lot of fun with these mods. If you don’t plan to have fun, don’t download!

BUMP! Must be higher than the old thread!

Cool, it fits in with Facepunch and Gmod history days.

I did the same thing with GMod 9. Blindly editing gameinfo.txt is fun.

Anywho, good on you for uploading them!

Thanks for the posts, downloads and support, guys! Already 6 downloads for V1 - V6C!

Woah! A man could spend a day playing every version. I still have seven from when I used to play.

Hey, cool! I’m downloading the version 9.0.4c =P

We. need. to. organize. an. event.

Out of curiosity what is the big deal, isn’t Gmod10 a flat out upgrade?

@Crossus88: we should… I never go to but I would always love to experience what it was like back in the day before gmod 10.

@teh_medic: ya… but it’s just for fun.

I was looking for something like this, thanks.

Oooh I know somebody who’ll be happy about this :buddy:

I’ve put these up for the sake of reminiscence and amusement. Some people think that there are versions better than V10/11, and just because the retail version is more feature-rich does not mean that it is the best. More than that though, the older versions are almost completely different mods, with different things to do and have fun with. You don’t see the RPG prop launcher in the retail version, do you?

Yes, that’s true. I was thinking of one for V7A or 8. First, I suggest we wait for at least 20 downloads that section of the pack (V7 - V8.3a).

If somebody will tell that a event is coming about 2-3 days before, I will download it. And join you people.


any servers up for gmod9?

I love playing GMod7. :love:

Not for any of the GMod 9 versions included in this pack, since they all use different names in the Steam library to allow them to be easily distinguished from one another. Some people are already considering setting up servers though. I’d like a server for GMod 7 but I don’t know how to set one up.

Tried one of the previous versions, seems that it is easier to pose ragdolls in one of them…though that might just be me?

It’s true. I find it a lot easier posing ragdolls in V7 than in retail. Although I haven’t found the no-collide function in V7 yet … it would make things even EASIER.