Garry's Mod V1 - V9.0.4c Fixed and Playable! New Thread! Every GMod Version Included!

You’re missing version 8.3b

The list above does not contain version 8.3b, but there is an unofficial filefront download for it. According to the description, it just looks like a rehash of 8.3a.

qiuck question do i need HL2 or another source game for these to work?

8.3b fixed a few minor bugs in 8.3a, it wasn’t a rehash.


Read the thread before you post stupid questions. I’m not even going to answer this, because I’ve already typed it up under the ‘REQUIREMENTS’ heading in the original thread.

Well, it’s not a big deal. If you want those bugs to be fixed, use V9.0. I’m not going to re-upload now.

You need Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source for any of the GMod 9.X’s.

You don’t actually need CSS at all (or HL2DM, come to think of it). You can demount both these games in the Mod Manager. You DO need HL2, however. And the Source SDK Base 2006, for these fixed versions.

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Okay, I have now uploaded it (fixed obviously) in a separate download which can be found in the thread. Thanks for pointing the version out to me. It may be of note that 8.3b uses V10 of gm_construct (which I thought was first used in V9.0). Therefore, the readme file of the GM_Constructs Collection pack gives misleading information when it says that gm_construct_v10 was first used in GMod V9. Just a note.

Gmod 9 rp mods were the best.

If somebody could somehow set up a dedicated server for one of the versions (I’d prefer it if it was before V9), I’m sure we could host a good event now.

You need all the games I mentioned for it to load, you can’t demount them without loading the game. The simple workaround is to delete ALL the CSS related files, however. I don’t recommend this - just get CS:S. You need HL2DM.

I don’t have CSS in any form, or any of its content, and every version works absolutely perfectly for me.

Sweet :smiley:
This looks cool aha


Do you want?

If you could set up some decent mirrors for this then that’d be great!

On it.

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Uploading the last 200 MB one now…

EDIT: Can’t put the images in code tags, but just quote my post + take the code (obviously). The images update live, so as soon as someone downloads, it updates.

Great stuff, thanks a lot :smiley:

Sure beans. When I get home tonight, I’ll be installing these :smiley:

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and FUCK you know my name nao


Lawl, yes that is a big file. Each 9.X version is large in itself, and there’s 7 near-identical duplicates!