Garrys Mod VOIP

Hey guys. Im in the process of making a darkrp server and I want to make it feel as little like darkrp as possible. (Stupid Right? IK)

im trying to get decent in game communication to make everything sound alot better. i was wondering if there was a mod out there that allowed proximity based communication via Teamspeak like Task Force Radio For Arma 3

If anyone has any ideas feel free to share (I Have Zero Experience With Lua. All i Do Is Edit Configs :D)

also does anyone recommend anything to make the darkrp experience feel a little less like darkrp

Make your own gamemode.

Learn to code.

Profit. $$$

yeah… i would love to learn Lua but have no idea where to start.

I have modified my reply to better help you! (:

Cheers Mate. :slight_smile:

How is making an entire gamemode going to help with a single communication thing?

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Also, try looking into

Look at the example there, it already has a distance-related thing in it

Also, what are you trying to do? I’ve never played ARMA 3 so I don’t really know what you mean by the Teamspeak thing but maybe if you could explain it I could try to help somehow

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And, if you want to start learning how to do Lua stuff, maybe this tutorial will help-just keep pressing on the ‘What’s next’ link at the bottom

on arma 3 there is a mod called Task force radio. this allowes players to talk via teamspeak and still have proximity based communication. the benefit of this is that you dont have to use gmod/arma 3’s shitty VOIP. instead all communication is done via the Teamspeak server

and thanks for the link

GSpeak, its like task force radio.

OMG life saver. Thanks Mate