Garrys Mod vs Css FPS

I recently made a map for my garry’s mod ttt server but im having a very weird issue, when i play the map in css i run it at the fps cap of 299, however when i play the map in garrys mod on sandbox or terror town there is a huge fps drop instead of 299 i get around 90.

here is 2 screenshots.
in Css:

in gmod:

Both images have been resized from 1920x1080.

Is this a garrys mod issue?

yeah, it’s a gmod issue. 90fps is quite good, you shouldn’t worry about it too much.

well i hope garry fixes it im lucky to have 90 other people arent so lucky…

Depending on what those script errors are they could be the cause.

The script errors are from xgui so I doubt that’s the cause.

The bottom picture is rendering quite a number of models so that might be a cause of the FPS dropping to 90.

You can’t really compare both of these screenshots as your looking at 2 completely different locations. The first one is barely facing anything thus the huge fps. Whereas your gmod screenshot is showing alot more things for the engine to render causing your fps to drop.

Also bare in mind that if you have a 60Hz moniter, It’s useless to have anything over 60FPS … might as well use VSYNC.

What are your fps_max settings in both games?