Garrys mod water and light problem

Forgive youtube for raping the vid quality. Best to go to the vid and watch in 1080P

Put simply when I look at water from one angle, it looks fine. However, often times if I turn slightly, the water suddenly goes opaque and looks hideous. In similar affect, often lighting looks fine in a map, but the second I turn, it lightens or darkens itself. This is not contained to one map, but rather is happening in almost every map I play. I know a few others experiencing similar issues. This is a fresh install of gmod, and it wasn’t doing this before. Please, do help.

Did you install any new addons , one of them might be messing with the water texture

No addons, this is a clean install of garrys mod.

It is engines fault, or maps.

Reinstalling won’t help…

It /never/ used to do this before, even on the same maps.

I dont know what to tell you mate

try emailing garrysmod support