Garry's Mod weapon

first, i’m poor at english. sorry

i bought insurgency game

and i wanted extract insurgency’s gcf file

and i wanted get insurgency’s map

so i did it, i extracted insurgency’s gcf file and got insurgency’s map

then, i played garrysmod

map was insurgency map

but there were no physgun, no physcannon, no toolgun and no camera

i wonder how can i get physgun, phycannon, toolgun and camera

please, help me!

use this

thanks, but actually i need is toolgun and camera

Type in console:“sv_cheats 1;give weapon_toolgun”

yeah, thanks

and camera?

You could just type in impulse 101 instead.

the link he give can also spawn camera and tool gun.

Not sure but I think:“sv_cheats 1;give weapon_camera”