Garry's Mod web site (

Hello, I am having a problem loggin into the following Garry’s Mod web site: It’s been a while since I have logged on and now when I try to log on it says I need to click a varification thing on my current email: And when I try to change the email account it wants to send a email varification notice through my old account. Except theres one problem, I can’t log onto my email and it’s been this way for a couple months. I have contacted Microsoft support as to why my email is blocked but they havn’t contacted me back or gotton the problem fixed for a long long time. I was wondering if you could manualy change my email to: untill I eventualy get my old email back. I will provide any account information on demand. Thank you for your time.

That is an issue with steam, not They introduced that new email verification as another layer of security. Since you can’t change the email normally, you’ll have to go to the steam support site ( ), create an account, open a ticket, and provide some details to show that you are the owner of the account. They can then change your address to a new one.