Garrys mod weird lags pls help!

Hi, i have gmod 11 and big problem:(

Pc specs:
DualCore Intel Pentium E2200, 2200 MHz (11 x 200)
Memory : 1536
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS (256 MB)
WIN XP 32bit ; SP 3
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
Virtual memory while playing gmod : 37% use

So my problem is this: IF i playing with my friends (I create server then they joins) its everything ok, but sometimes my fps turn low from 150 to 10-15 with no reason! And I hear the graphic fan is faster and doing some noise.For example I create singleplayer gm_construct, looking into wall 1-5 minutes and now supermassive lags for 10-15sec., in console nothing happening, after “this” 10-15sec. the fps rise back to 150.
And this is hapenning in random times between 5sec-5mins, it doesnt matter how many props i creating, it will lagging in every diffrent time…Same problem in multiplayer…
In other source engine games i havent this problem(L4D2,HL2,EP1,Ep2,L4d1).
If i turn every graphic setting to minimum it will doing a bit less lags (perhaps every 2-3mins)
How can i fix it?:confused:

Sorry for my english :confused:

speak english please


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what symbols??? it is whole writed in english.

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try lowering the settings to low, and work your way up. your fan might be fucking up now that you describe its being loud and going off and on.

BTW my temperature while playing gmod:

Cpu 1 - 60 - 77 °C
Cpu 2 - 58-78°C
Gpu - 60-84°(81 very often)

NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GS (256 MB)
Your problem.

Why? It’s a good graphic card

the 6800 shouldnt be doing that against gmod. Just because its in the 6 series, doesnt mean it sucks (except of course the 6150 and 6200)


maybe try to clear you gmod, could be an addon

ok i reinstalled gmod and going to test it now(without any addons, only cstrike ep1 ep2)
hmm it seems to be fixed maybe i download wiremod phx and we will see-

hmm very nice this lags doing wiremod… perfect!.. my favourite addon…

Your graphics card seems bad, also, ‘Pls’ is not a word.

The 6850 is more than capable of playing Gmod. I played Gmod for three years on a 5500.
He found the problem, it was Wiremod.
Is this version of Wiremod downloaded from a website or is it directly from the Wiremod SVN?

I have been having a similar issue with wiremod. When it is installed, all my menus lag and i get like 2 fps in game. It is the SVN version from

How do you know the temp? Did you use a thermometer?

EVEREST Ultimate Edition

And about wiremod: yes i download it from svn but new revison i think 21xx doing me many errors so i have revision 1950 and it work normal.Of course with lags…

btw. word pls = please?

That might actually be a problem with not enough RAM. I remember seeing from quite a few other posts here that Wiremod should have at least 1.5gigs. When I installed Wiremod on my older computer which only had 502mb of RAM, 80% of textures didn’t load, and things didn’t render properly because Wire used too much RAM.