Garry's Mod - What I See As Graphical Errors?

Hello, I recently just redownloaded Garry’s Mod and I came to realize that any map I play in, I have what I see as graphical errors as it isn’t the black and pink checkboard. So I wiped clean all of my Steam folder, redownloaded everything and still had the problem.

I don’t know how to explain what is happening so here’s a picture:

Anyone with some solution or information will be greatly appreciated.

It’s likely a hardware problem. What video card are you using?

Haha, it looks like that you have to leave that disco map.
No, but, you can have some missing textures.
Most of the time it’s CS:S

By the way, thats not pink and black checkerboard, thats a graphics card problem, or a corruption of files.

Verify integrity of files first to check for corruption and if it still then fails check to see you have the latest drivers

THis is just a disco map.

It’s not just this one map. And it’s not simple missing textures from CS:S, as those show up as black and pink checkerboards. OP, do what other folks have said: verify your game cache, and also find how close your video card is to gmod’s minimum requirements.

Stop using onboard graphic cards.