Garry's Mod Wiki Discussion

We’ve been talking about the wiki in about 4 different threads. So here’s one dedicated to it.

I just added a more functional sidebar. Typing in the search box should filter the contents of it.

It should also open up the function tree to find the function you’re currently viewing.

Here’s the editing guide:

So… what can I do to make this even better?

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really good job on the sidebar!
now all I need is the description of all functions…

bring back the old one

(User was banned for this post ("awesome" - garry))

Can you add all the hooks to the sidebar? or is that on your todo list already…

Right now the only thing that annoy me is how the links in the top doesn’t stand out more in the design - specially the edit link, some might find them easy to miss.
Also, the button to activate the sidebar is kinda hidden away, I spent a small amount of time searching for how to activate the bar, maybe move it to the middle of the page?

But what I really like is the category-bar in the bottom of the pages, it’s pretty damn nice.

Structures & Enums would be nice too

Yeah hooks is next, gonna make another form system for it.

The wiki looks great! Dunno what to suggest since most of the suggestions I would have suggested have already been said.

Do you think we could have a default/autogenerated page for meta methods? Things like __eq and __gc that will often carry the same meaning in all situations.

Just some default content like

Then we won’t end up with all the empty __blah links cluttering up every class.

Lets flesh out

and redirect them all to there?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but can’t meta-methods be used on userdata objects as well?


Yeah - you’re right

Alright, i’ll update that wiki page a tiny bit then - sorry if that was a bit offtopic.

Could you implement asynchronous timers into the searching loop to ease the brunt of searching? You could even disable real time searching until the query is more than 2 characters long.

It just feels really heavy and slow atm, with real time searching. I’d hate to think what this is like on bad computers or worse, Internet Explorer.

asynchronous timers? What are you talking about?

It seems pretty fast in my opinion.

He means that the searchbar freezes the page, because the search takes a few seconds.

Use a worker, stops the page from freezing:

It doesn’t work like that

Normal for loop :

for (var i = 0; i < 500; i++){
    // Code

Asynchronous timer alternative:

var i = 0;
var lim = 500;
var proc = setInterval(function(){

    // Code

    if (i > lim){

Your alive. I didn’t seen you posting something for at least a year.