Garry's Mod Wiki will be RE-DONE. Save your articles.

**Hello everyone,
**today garry annaunced in the IRC that the wiki will be deleted and started again.

We hope someone will put online a dump of the old wiki so we don’t loose all the entries. Other than that, I think it’s a good idea.

Hasn’t he been planning this for a while now? He also stated that the old wiki will co-exist with the new one for some time, allowing people to copy over their articles.

Wire is the cancer that slowly killed Gmod.
Would love a more friendly WIKI, or one with a few more examples on function usage at least.

You know, I actually think that E2 is easier to learn because of the wiki pages than Lua.

There won’t be an archive afaik.

There already is an archive. Garry dumped the wiki to a google docs spreadsheet somewhere.

To be quite honest, the only time I have bumped into the Gmod wiki was when I wanted to install a Gmod server on Linux (which did disappoint me at the time being as Garry appears to be a huge Windows fan. :P)

The Wiki never had anything interesting on it other than the docs on LUA and server management.

Wire is the reason i play gmod.

I remember when making forts out of containers was cool


Sorry but there is something worse. Vehicle building. That is all I ever see being created.

Not as bad as DarkRP and all the other RP gamemodes. I remember when Garry’s Mod 9 had actual run RP, not people yelling “RDM BRO!”

Anyways back on topic, yeah, this has been planned for a while.

Damnit, I can’t rate “dumb” and “disagree” at the same time. For most builders, Wire is the only thing keeping them playing.

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Now it’s getting personal.

No! Not wiki!

He “annaunced” this a long time ago.

He already made a dump of every single function/article

a scrub wouldn’t be a bad thing, people use it as their personal GMod portfolio so meh.



And it still is cool if you can make it look fun and interesting, or are using it as the centre-piece to a ad-libbed gamemode.

Wire is merely a tool, and while there is a bit too much emphasis on using it by most building communities now, it is still a valid thing to use and extends GMod so much.

First, Gmod isn’t dead.
Second, [[citation needed]]

Then put up some examples. It is a wiki after all.

No it’s not…?

Also, new wiremod wiki is here, if anyone is curious:

oh. I’m getting cloudflare errors, I even flushed my DNS cache :open_mouth:

hmmm… the retry live version button hasn’t worked all day… are you a wizard?

hmm soo it’s too late? Because I have had a copy of all the wire stuff from the gmod wiki and my harddrive crashed…
It’s not wire that killed gmod, it’s expression2…everyone is sitting in their edge and is coding some stuff…

How does it killed it? Players are supposed to have fun and E2 coders do. I bet you are waiting for some contraptions to prop-rape them :slight_smile: