Garry's Mod Wiki will be RE-DONE. Save your articles.

Gheez, the whole point of restarting the wiki is a fresh start.
Saving your articles and reposting them defeats the point of this.

Well if an article is well written and is about lua and not some 3rd party addon then it should be allowed on the new wiki.

No it shouldn’t.

The new wiki is going to be for GMod usage and Lua syntax. Nothing else.

Just re-write the articles, I believe that was one of the reasons for it anyway.

by GMod usage you mean like the articles about functions are now except with better examples, right?
I do like the focus on syntax

GMod Development only sounds like the easiest way to descibe it.

Honestly, a fresh start on the wiki sounds like a great idea. The wiki can be organised so much better, Lua functions and libraries can be documented in depth (right now, the examples are either bad or non-existent), in general it could be a massive improvement.

Lua syntax, but what about functions reference?

which is what i meant. if someone writes a good lua tutorial then why shouldn’t it be ported to the new wiki

No. Dont save your articles.

We dont need a bunch of bloat on the wiki.

so are there any reasons we shouldn’t have usermessage/net library tutorials? because those are actually useful and lots of people will inevitably ask for something like that. it’s not bloat if it’s something a lot of people will read, especially since the net library is brand new.

There is examples under lua commands you know?

I don’t know, this seems kinda pointless to me. Wiremod has been a key element of GMod for years, I don’t see why it hurts to have Wiremod information offered to people.

How about wiremod and other addons/gamemodes can go clutter their own wiki and leave the gmod wiki to the LUA developers?

This pretty much, or at least have an entirely different area.

The wiki needs WAY more structure and to follow a standard. Right now its just a huge mess of clusters of pages.

I’ve been using the google cache version of the website.

Lol, the wiki is still up for me :slight_smile:

More precisely, a net library/usermessage/NWVar tutorial would explain how to properly network things in GMod.

There aren’t a lot of things that deserve to have their own tutorials in the wiki, but networking is definitely one of them.

In the Library section I think you should be able to post tutorials, this would still keep the wiki clean and how to use specific commands like net.Read should be under that page?