Garry's Mod Will Not Connect

I go into Garrys Mod and goto a server
I see a few people playing on the server
I right click and goto “View Server Info”
The server is responding, people are playing and I have a nice ping of 67
I click join…
obviously other people are online when some of the people on are my friends and I am talking over steam. I try join and connection fails after 4 attempts. I try connecting through console with connect IP and I tried connect IP:PORT
This has happened to me before and is just random. I was splaying on this server no less than 5 hours ago. It is not a problem with the server so what can I do to fix this problem? I am running windows 7 ultimate x64 and I am also running gmod as administrator.

Can I see your steam account, I might be able to fix it

Ehh I wont give you my username or password but I would be happy if you could help by offering advice.

No, you just give him your username, not password, so he can check your account

Username is:kbhawkman
How do you just check my account and what do you check for?

Went to “kbhawkman”

Last Online: 102 days ago, doesn’t own gmod

are you sure that’s the right account

Yea I have a legit copy of GMOD that I bought with TF2, it was my first game I ever got for steam. I am able to play in some other servers but most I cant. kbhawkman is the steam account name. Would ID be better?

Just link me to your steam profile

according to your profile you’re vac banned

I am VAC banned for Modern warfare 2, nothing else.
I confirmed that also with my Steam Client in settings. And I can connect to some VAC enabled servers. It is just some servers have an on and off problem I guess.