Garry's mod will not go past the initial facepunch screen, just says finished.


I am having trouble with Garry’s mod as above, I have tried reinstalling steam, garry’s mod, verify cache, and nothing is working. Please can someone help?

intel i5 processor, windows 10
8gb ram
500gb hdd
Nvidia GTX640

Current buildID showing as 1214507

Also have HL2 and HL source installed

Tried disabling windows anti-malware

How long do you give it?

Also does it crash or just endlessly stay there?

I’ve left it for a few minutes and nothing. It normally moves on and lags at the title screen if there are downloads for workshop, but it just doesn’t even get that far. It only happened recently. I’ve had a look at various articles about the issue and nothing has worked. Recently tried -nosound -window -dxlevel 81 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0. Which is better because it doesn’t crash the whole pc and I can close the window.

Try unsubscribing from all addons you’ve subscribed to.

Have you tried reinstalling your computer?

Why do you keep posting unhelpful help

I tried unsubscribing addons, I think I need to try some things with the firewall today and maybe re-install directx, I don’t know. I can’t understand why it causes such a complete crash, something is interfering with GMOD but I can’t figure out what it is yet.

Thanks for all the help guys, this has now been resolved. The problem was caused by my software Private Firewall. I changed the settings that control process access and that seemed to fix it.