Garry's Mod Will Not Read Any of The Files.

I try to join a server on Gmod and it goes through all the downloading. After about 10 minutes it says I haven’t got a map but I have got the map. Just to be sure I downloaded all the content files and place them in the correct folders and it still does it. Can anyone help? This is only for one particular group of servers (Lifepunch), it works fine for other servers however I do have to download all the files from each server I join even if I have those files on my computer already.

I have validated my files, re downloaded Gmod, re downloaded the files through joining a server and through putting them in the correct places externally.

If the map is in the maps folder then there’s no way it should be able to say the map doesn’t exist

Exactly. It says “missing map New_Summer.bsp”, the file I am “Missing” always changes though… I have looked and I do have it. I even replaced it just incase.

Gmod doesn’t recognise my demos either. I have my demos in the “demo” folder and when I go to view them on Gmod there is nothing there.

  1. Demos are broken in GMod
  2. It’s the server’s problem. If it doesn’t download the map, then the server hasn’t setup their FastDL correctly for maps yet.

I have played on the servers many times before. One night I was playing it, stopped and turn my laptop off, then the next day it did this.
I think it isn’t reading the files on my laptop, thats the only thing I can come up with

If it says a different map each time you just need to download it, the server will change maps now and then