Garry's Mod will not start.

Okay, so when I try to start Garry’s Mod, is says “Preparing to launch…”, the window closes, and then nothing happens (no errors). All my other steam games (including TF2, which Garry’s Mod uses for it’s engine) work perfectly fine and open.

I have tried removing the cache, gamemodes, lua, and addons folders which did not help,
I tried stopping steam, removing clientregistry.blob, and starting it again, I tried adding -dxlevel 8 and -dxlevel 81 into launch options,
I tried all the basic troubleshooting in this steam page, and I tried restarting my computer.

It is registering me to be in-game for about 2 seconds (if I look at steam friends it says I’m in-game but only for, like I said, two seconds)
This all started after the update a day or two ago. (not sure exactly when because I have not been on for the past two days)
I do not have a pirated game.

Properties, Launch options, -fullscreen

Tried it, and it didn’t help, and why would it? The game crashes before it even can show.

Add “-w <Your screen’s native width> -h <your screen’s native height>” and try to launch it again. For example, I would use -w 1280 -h 1024.

And if that doesn’t work…

If fullscreen doesn’t work, that won’t work either. Also, why would the game be crashing if the screen resolution wasn’t right?
Anyway, both of those don’t work. (plus the resolution was already fine when I took a look, but I tried it anyway with multiple different resolutions)

It says in the sticky that you didn’t read.


I did read the sticky. This is obviously not an issue that needs my specs, however, since every single other game works 100% fine.

Anyway, I fixed it by removing the bin/ folder from garrysmod/
Anytime I have a problem and come here for help, I end up fixing whatever myself.