Garry's Mod, wire thruster force doesnt actually change

I have a flying contraption i am making and it uses thruster for flight. i am having a problem where i change the thruster force and it doesnt change for the physics. The game reads the force as being bigger if i put my cursor over it, but the effect is the same. I have a button that toggles between 1 and 5000 to see a difference, and when i toggle it while the thruster is active it doesnt push my contraption any higher. Do you know why this may be?

Yes i have updated my SVN for wire and have tried reinstalling gmod.
I also have a problem with gmod saves and expression gates. It never saves my gate’s connections, and gives me a wierd red epression gate error if i try loading the save file. The expression code is fine, i have to re apply the code file and rewire it for it to work.

(Ps: my thruster is being fed this number through an expression gate if that matters, but the thruster still reads as having a higher thrust value when its a higher input to the thruster).

At some point, force won’t change.
A larger model may do the trick though.

Make it weight more.(with weight tool)

Why would making the prop weigh more make the thruster go up higher? That doesnt sound right… And how would i do that on the fly, little lag and using wire?
And why does my expression wiring break when i reload? just a flaw in the saving mechanism?

Oops. I meant make the thruster weight more.

the “weight”? the thruster object has a weight? i thought it was just there like a a wire chip or etc is. unless those have very small weights… i guess tho cuz they r affected by the physics engine… hmm y does increasing its weight make it more powerful? and does adv dupe and gmod save correctly save the weight? or do i have to note the weights and re apply them every time?

Yes, it does.

An object with a large mass will apply more force against something than a smaller one

Also, type properly, don’t use things like “u” “y” and “r”, use proper grammar and spelling, a lot of people will flame you if you don’t

the maximum amount of force is 10000

you have the change the weight of the thruster, or the object in order to gain more force

oh ok, that makes sense i guess. i didnt think it had a dependant variable of “weight”. Ya i was just in a hurry, so i typed fast.

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