Garry's Mod Wire Tutorials

Hey this is about garrysmod wire tutorials heres the links:


so if my tutorials have helped you then please comment on both youtube and this thread and also subscribe
i will be making loads

heres a link to my youtube channel:

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Alright tutorials, but the music is annoying in both of them and you need to brush up on your editing a bit. Just simple things like getting widescreen video to fill the box.

ok thanks for help i needed a public opinion again thanks and if it did help do remember to comment and subscribe

and also what kind of music would you like with these tutorials or what would go well together any ideas appreciated


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Trance Music. But make sures it quiet. Also there pretty good tutorials…

thanks and if you liked them please subscribe and comment because im looking to make it better but how can i if no ones giving me feedback im tired of seeing so many views on my vids and only 4 subscribers and hardly any comments


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Nice tutorials, I like the jump-pad tutorial :slight_smile:
But next time a better choice of music.

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ok sorry again but again please if you guys liked my tuts i would like to see you subscribe k thanks again and sorry

not bad on the tutorials.

But I disliked the second ones music.

The first one however, gotta love Flogging Molly!

Should be without music, because this contains a lot of information and the music may confuse some people (like me)

exactly so should i stick with flogging molly and lagitech if you got confused cause music il make another one for you personaly without music but you still have to subscribe to my channel

Why is everyone on youtube so hung up on subscribers.

because if you have a lot of subscribers then it means people are into your videos or find them helpfull

easier solution is to turn off the sound on either your speakers, or on YouTube.

It really isn’t that hard people…:black101:

Fuuuck Noo, Trance is annoying, you don’t want something up tempo playing in the background of a instructional video like these. You could easily get away with no music, and they would still be okay.

How about some heavy metal?

I agree with compwhizii, some drowning pool would be nice :slight_smile: