Garry's mod without source game

at first i should say that my english is bad so sorry for any mistakes.
So, my problem (or better question) is: You can ply Gmod without any source engine game now but when i triy to buy gmod steam is still asking for one. I don’t want to buy any other games even if they are verry cheap. (another question: i have portal in my steam library isn’t that a source game???)
Please help me.

Thank you Oberoth

You need a source engine game that includes the Source SDK in order to run GMod. The free Portal version (the one that was offered when Steam was released for the Mac) doesn’t include that, and therefore you can’t play the game.


Also don’t sign your posts.

Buy HL2:DM for 5$ and you can play. There is no other way.

HL2:DM + GMod = $15

TF2 at cheap price: 2 $



think he typo’d its $20

thanks so i have to buy something… oh and i didn’t want to sign it i just wondered what that is and clicked on it…stupid me

When it is on super-sale. It was at that price twice so far.

You can just go with HL2:DM, but I strongly reccomend you to get Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Counter-strike source, as thousands of maps and addons are using them.

you must buy a sourcegame
i highly recomment half life 2
its a great game, its cheap and it supports garrys mod + there will be black mesa source soon

HL2DM is free if you have an ATI or Nvidea card

Which doesn’t include the Source SDK, so ignore his advice.

Get the orange box, you save $35.96

Either get (Payed) version of HL2:DM for $5, or get orange box for $20-$30 (Forgot how much)

Personally I would get Orange Box, but money isn’t a factor for me, so just go with HL2:DM.