Garry's Mod won't download Menubar LUA.

So this error is driving me nuts, and I honestly don’t know what’s causing it but it’s certainly annoying me.

I recently reinstalled gmod after getting a new hard drive, since I finally had the room to fit it along with all the addons I have for it. But some strange issue is seriously fucking with me and it’s driving me nuts.

So I started up GMOD like normal, loaded up GM_Construct first (since loading it up first typically solves a lot of problems and prevents many issues from happening when transitioning to other maps)

However, when I loaded it up opened up the C and Q menus, there were no AI options or the standard settings available. Errors like this one came up.

Couldn't include file 'menubar\ai_options.lua' (File not found) (@lua/includes/util.lua (line 128))
Couldn't include file 'menubar\display_options.lua' (File not found) (@lua/includes/util.lua (line 128))

So I thought “Oh, maybe I should purge out those old and unused NPC weapon packs and clean out any deleted workshop addons. That should do it!” Nope.

“Maybe if I verify the intergrity of the game cache, it’ll work!” Nope, still didn’t work, even after deleting the lua folder THEN verifying to see what would happen.

Clean re-install as well, still nothing. I own the game legitimately on steam. Quick weapons switch is also disabled.

I’ve done everything that would probably be suggested to me as I should. I’ve checked all the folders, the files won’t show up for some reason. I’ve cleared the cache folder, I’ve checked to see if there was any irrelevant DLLS or something in a place where it didn’t belong, still nothing. Maybe I’m being a moron or something and I’m probably overlooking something major here, but any help would be apprecited