Garry's Mod won't execute any config

My garry’s mod won’t execute any config file whatsoever. I typically have it “exec important.cfg” on startup, but when I started it up today it said it couldn’t find it at all. It can find autoexec, so I tried putting my config in there, except Garry’s Mod just outright refuses to run it. It won’t say it can’t find it, or give me an error, it just won’t say anything else other than repeat the line for me.

I’ve tried validating the files, and only 2 files failed to validate. When I started up Gmod again, it still gave me the same error. Is there any fix to this other than reinstalling Garry’s Mod?

Where are you putting the .cfg files?

in garrysmod/cfg

Edit: sorry, said config instead of cfg without paying attention. Still having the problem though

Edit:Edit: Fixed now, I figured out why. It’s trying to run my shit off of an old drive where it was previously installed and didn’t update the directory