Garry's mod won't get past the *Loading* screen.

So since the last update I decided to play Gmod again assuming I missed so many updates… I run it, it says loading to the right side bottom and that’s it… I cannot alt-tab or do anything… Nor any error sound shows up.

How to fix this? “Ctrl alt delete”, then I hit the “sleep” button on the keyboard, after going into stand by, I hit it again, I select my user then I can end the gmod process…

Once again no errors shows up… It even feels like the game doesn’t even run, it shows that screen but doesn’t load or use cpu at all…

I’m on XP, my PC is good enough to run it, also I had reformated last night (I had to due to laggy experience) installed gmod I said it would work, still didn’t… :frowning:

Is there any fix? Or I wait for the today’s update? From what Garry mentioned in the upcoming update neither sounds like a fix to my issue.

Ps: Never had this before happening : o

More specs

WIndows Xp sp3.
Intel Celeron 3.0 Ghz
7600gs 256vram
2gb ram, ddr

The game runs on highest pretty good, laggy when there’s a lot of stuff… I even keep AA on, but it seems to be something else wrong now.

edit : Fixed, I right clicked gmod and set it to re-check the integrity of the cache, now it works.