Garry's Mod Won't Get Past the Loading Screen

Whenever I start up Garry’s Mod it will go to the loading screen and the cursor will move indicating that it is loading something but it just stays there and doesn’t do anything past this. How can I fix this?

Can you link your steam profile?

What are your system specs?

Have you tried re-installing?

I can’t really reinstall it due to how slow my internet is. Also I have ran the game before so the specs shouldn’t be the issue. Here is my profile:

Go into your steam folder and delete garrysmod/garrysmod - this will create a fresh install.

How big of a download will it be?

Running the game will automatically recreate the folder, there won’t be any downloading, just processing.

Pretty much. If any vital files are messed up, it’ll re-create them. You’ll have a completely fresh install.

Thanks it works now.