Garrys mod wont load darkrp gamemode

Well if anyone can help I will be very happyWhen I load up gmod I cant see the dark rp game mode, when I try to change game mode I only get the option sandbox or TTT

All my dark rp folders are right and install how it should be as I have a friend who scripts and he told me that I am missing nothing etc. but he has no idea why my gmod wont load dark rp.

Well seeing as you are only banned for 24 hours, even though this belongs in the DarkRP help thread, I’ll answer it while quoting spiderman from family guy.

Everybody gets one.

Anyway, there MUST be something wrong with the folder name you have for DarkRP.

Ensure that the darkrp folder in gamemodes is capitalized correctly (ie “DarkRP”) just for compatibility. If it’s DarkRP-master, then get rid of -master.

It should then work. If not, delete and start again.

Should be “darkrp”
All lowercased.