Garry's Mod wont load.

Whenever i try to start garry’s mod, it gets stuck on the “Loading…” screen.
Basically, when i open gmod i will get a grey message with white text that says “Loading…” and will never dissapear. it
is in the bottom right corner, and i have given it hours to load and it doesnt change. I have reinstalled gmod and restarted steam/ my PC.

I am running Windows XP.

Give us a working link to your steam profile please.


(User was banned for this post ("Pointless reply" - Orkel))

uhm, this is for a friend of mine. his name is megaawesomeplasmabunny, ill get you a link

Why doesnt he post? and why did you use first-person writing in your post if it isnt you?

Is he really your friend? you could copy any steam user’s profile page who has garry’s mod. Tell him to add “get out” to his profile to prove it.

Do you have any “polygons” errors ? I could help for this… I could effectively help…