Garry's Mod won't mount TF2 content

Hello there.

Recently I’ve noticed my maps and models from TF2 were missing in Garry’s Mod. When I opened the console to check for suspects, I found this:

Mounting tf.. SteamMountDepot: Error SteamMountFilesystem 440 - (dependency 4 (441))
     SteamMountFilesystem(5672,441,0x1763fd28=,0x1763fc18) failed with error 116: Cache needs repair
SteamMountDepot: Error SteamMountFilesystem 440 - (dependency 5 (442))
     SteamMountFilesystem(5672,442,0x1763fd28=,0x1763fc18) failed with error 116: Cache needs repair

I’ve verified the integrity of the Game Cache but I didn’t really find anything…
I haven’t touched GMOD for a while, I wonder what’s going on?
yeah yeah the game content in extensions is mounted I also saw that asdasdfasdfasdf[/SUB]

When you say you verified the cache, did you verify the TF2 cache? That’s probably the culprit here. At most, I’d say uninstall TF2, delete the GCF, and reinstall.

Sorry for the delay. But when I verified TF2’s cache, when it reached 100%, it didn’t do anything. It just sitted there. Maybe reinstalling is indeed the best option.

EDIT: Nevermind. Defragging the TF2 files from Steam apparently worked. OVER A MILLION PERCENT of it was fragmented!! Do you believe this?!