Garrys mod won't mount.

So I started up Garry’s mod. Nothing was mounted. I check the mounted list and all the games where not mount and it did not give me the option. There was a icon next to the games. It was a folder with a minus symbol on it. I have these games installed on my PC.
Does anyone know whats going on? Right now I am trying to avoid re-installing Garry’s Mod. Its kind of a last resort.
I want to figure out why TF2,Portal and Portal 2 won’t mount

Post a picture of the games being owned and installed in Steam and them being installed in your common/ folder.

I am not sure why you need these. But I bet this is to make sure I am not using a pirated copy of the game.

Yeah I don’t see CS:S, DOD:S, HL2 or HL2:DM in your Steam, so obviously you cannot mount them.

As for TF2 & Portal games, they should mount.

I should have added more info.
TF2,Portal,Portal 2. None of those are mounting.

Define not mounting.

Do their models not appear in game? Is there no option to checkbox them in the main menu? Give information.

The models do not appear. And there is no option to checkbox them.

Post a picture of the mount menu of Portal and TF2

Ok, switch to Dev branch for Garry’s Mod in Steam and post the console log after starting the game.

It should say a bunch of “X says X is not installed” stuff. If there isn’t, just wait for an update.

Also post your about Steam dialog contents: