Garry's Mod Wont Start, Help!

I have had Garry’s Mod for a long time and it has worked fine, but all of a sudden one day it wont start. Steam pops up with the window that says “Preparing to launch Garry’s Mod…” and then the window goes away, and nothing happens. Right after the window disappears hl2.exe shows up in my processes list, but then it goes away in less than a second.

I have tried reinstalling Garry’s Mod many times, but it alway does the same thing after it reinstalls.

Please help.

Put “-autoconfig” (without the "'s) as a launch option. It’ll fix your problem.

Thanks, that fixed it (that has been frustrating me for weeks)

teddi if this works your my best mate


nope sorry nothing :frowning: im starting to loose hope it worked before now about a year later i installed it today and im having this problem.
get back to me if you find anything

Normally I’d bitch about Necro, but he semi-justified it once he said it failed.

Try verifying files.