Garry's Mod won't start up

First off, my friend has been having trouble gmod starting up, here’s what he had to say.

He would really appreciate a solution to it, he said that he uninstalled it, defragged and many other stuff. He has CSS installed so don’t be saying things like “You need a source engine”.

set ‘-dxlevel 8’ in launch options…

Yeah I’m currently using that launch command and it allows me to go as far as the initializing screen. Without it, nothing. Basically if I didn’t have the “-dxlevel 8” the game wouldn’t even start and I get the basic error saying the program stopped due to some error during startup.
P.S. I’m the individual stated above.

Have you tried updating your video drivers?

I have the Directx 10 video driver. My comp has: 32-Bit Op System, Windows Vista Home Premium (Service Pack 2), 2Ghz processor, 3Gigs of RAM, and a Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family.
I’ve been told my comp fits all the requirements, but I’m not entirely sure. I’ve been hearing stories that vista sucks with games like these. And every other game works, Half Life 2 Death Match, Half Life 2, Ep1, Ep2, and Counter Strike: Source.
So yes, they are updated.

So any ideas? Please, can you help me with it?

Ive got the exact same problem. ive tried the -dxlevel 8 thing but it still doesn’t work so im stuck in the same hole as you.

oh and i blame vista cuz my bro had xp and it always worked for him.

SO is there any way to fix this issue? Come on I’ve given you my config. At least someone tell me whats wrong!

Seems like i got this problem too. It started happening once i got the half life 2 pack.

Hmmm, is there any way to fix it. I’ve basically tried a lot of suggestions in the past but they all got the “Fail” punch. I mean come on, I really would like to enjoy this game. Maybe someone could direct me to the game makers and see what they think?

Wow this thread sure isn’t popular or that bit helpful. Does anyone have suggestions besides the ones above?

Well look for CSS specs and see if you match them. Since GMod uses same engine in everything if you fit there, you fit here. If you dont get a upgrade. Also try lowering your settings and if that does not work then i don’t know. Maybe see if their are any programs interfearing. See your firewalls too and scan for viruses/spyware as they interefere with GMod too.

for me the blue initializing bar comes up then the screen goes black…ill hit alt ctrl delete and it will either say garrys mod not responding or i could exit the task manager and gmod would go back to the regular screen with everything loaded id try to start single player or join a server then the screen either goes black again and is not responding or the loading screen freezes and id have to close gmod sometimes even reset my computer…ive been playing gmod for a while and just started getting this problem about a month ago…:frowning:

Damn War, thats exactly the attempts I’ve tried. However I’ve never had to working…

It maybe due to your integrated card causing the problem I suggest that you try and use the “-dx70” one just to try if it works?

But vista does not play well with lots of thing’s so it maybe down to that.

Hmmm, well its back to when it doesn’t even reach the initializing screen. I was using the “-dxlevel 81” cause that is the only one that works all the way until the initializing screen is finished. I’m guessing after everything finishes initializing the main menu should show up if it was working properly. And as for video cards I won’t be able to get anything better since this is a laptop.