Garry's Mod won't start up

Says it requires a source game.
I have one,Portal.
Shouldn’t it work like that?
I checked the list and so far it is on the working games list,but yet GMod won’t start.


Can you start portal?

You need a paid for source game, the Portal from the free offer does not count as such.

Portal opens fine,and why doesn’t it fill the requirements?

The list says it is…

I think Garry’s mod requires the source SDK which isn’t with the free versions of VALVe’s source games, i suggest getting Counter Strike: Source for the textures and props and how many addons require it, so that or Half Life 2: Episode 2

Just wondering. Why isn’t Garry’s Mod working with Portal. It worked before? Maybe it will work after Portal is no longer free. Otherwise you could complain to Valve if you paid for the game.

well portal is not a full source game as it says on steam when you are on the gmod page and gmod wont work with hl2dm eather you will need other source games. GO to steam and search garrys mod click on the garrysmod page and there sould be a box that says some source games and you look there you NEED to own one of thouse games

I’ll send a ticket,asking why it isn’t working even if it is listed on the list which in games work and shit.


I’m too lazy to make an email confirmation shit.

did you get Portal through the current free offer? the portal got through the current offer does NOT come with the source SDK, which is what gmod requires


you need hl2

Well,so far,it should be working anyway because it is on the list.If it doesn’t work and it is in the list of working games for GMod,they should remove it to avoid certain problems.
Oh,and here is an pic of the error I get.

You have yet to reply, is it the free version of portal? ie did you pay for portal or not? the PAID version of portal is a working game, the free version not.


You also have half life 2, and deathmatch it seems, both source games, however the error usually means restart computer, and if that does not work, stop steam, delete clientregistery.blob from steam directory, then start steam