Garry's Mod Won't Start

Ok, when I double click on Garry’s Mod, it says “Preparing to start Garry’s Mod…”. Then, it says, “Your steam files have been corrupted. They will now be re-acquired to the steam servers.” People tell me that I should go onto the steam browser > games. Then right click on Garry’s Mod, and delete local files. I did that, then I went to re install, it prepares, and says “The steam servers are too busy to handle your request.”, this has been happening for the past week.

Help, Please!

I wish I had that problem, man, none of my source games work, they crash after preparing to launch! Anyways, give your computer a few days, exit steam, re enter, and re install. If all else fails, delete steam entirely and re install all your shit

Dang, man! That sucks.

Delete clientregistry.blob in your Steam folder.