Garry's Mod Won't Start?

Hullo. I recently bought, downloaded, and installed TF2 and GMOD. The problem is that they aren’t starting up properly. with GMOd, the loading screen comes up, like normal. After the loading screen there is supposed to be a menu, but instead there is a black screen. The same happens with TF2.I have to CTRL-ALT-Delete and start the task manager to exit out (the task manager also says that the games aren’t responding). I have tried everything I can think of: verifying the game cache, defragging the cache files, un-installing and re-installing, running as administrator updating my video card, and my DirectX. I even spent $18 for online tech. support. They told me to do something with my router (something about ports, it was really confusing and it wasn’t working right, but if this is what I have to do, then I will try again). I have the minimum requirements needed to run the games.

(Also, i have a laptop. I know games usually don’t work well on laptops. Could it be possible the games just won’t work at all?)

Is there anything else i can do? Are a lot of people having this problem and Steam need to update something?

Go to Steam
Right click on Garrys Mod
Go to “Properties”
Go to Launch Options
put in “-fullscreen” OR “-window” Dont put them in at the same time.

MIGHT work. Every time this has happened to me, this worked.

Thank you so much, it worked. I’ve spent three days trying to fix this, and i would have never thought that the solution would have been as simple as this.

Thanks again ^^

I have the same problem, and I’ve tried -dxlevel 80, 81, 8, 9, and 90, but this is a new one…I’ll try it. I hope it works, I just bought GMod10 and haven’t got to play it yet.