Garry's Mod won't update.

Hey all,

I went to play GMod today (havn’t played in a loooooooong time), and i have read the update news but, my gmod background stays the same, and i get d/c’d from all the servers i go on because of “Different class tables”, so i was wondering if there is any way to force an update on a steam game?



Right click on Gmod from the my games tab, take Properties and then choose the Updates tab. Then select the option where it says “Keep Up To Date” or something.

It is set to keep up to date, but it seems like it “skipped” the latest one.

Hmm. Maybe its the server thats not up-to-date? Try going into Singleplayer, make a dynamite with the dynamite tool and blow it up. If the dynamite dissapeared when you blew it up, your Gmod should be up to date and that the server hasnt updated.

I’ll give it a go.

[EDIT] The dynamite disappears when i blow it up, im going to try to connect to my ded server after i update it.

[EDIT2] I don’t think my server is updating right, i cant connect to it, but i tried another random server and it worked…

Well then it’s your ded and not your local copy.

I don’t know what the hell is wrong with it though, it never failed to update before…

(EDIT) Fixed it, just had to delete the server’'s bin folders.

now im having a new glitch, thought i’d post here rather then make a new thread, whenever i type something in the console, it closes the escape menu straight away, it happens in EP2 aswell, has this happened to anyone?