garrys mod wont work HELP

OK so i got steam a week ago and i downloaded tf2 i played for a while. then today i bought and installed Garry mod but it wouldn’t work (every time i loaded it up it went to a black screen froze my comp and i had to turn off my computer) then i tried installing source sdk because some places said that would fix it. but it didn’t work so i uninstalled everything then i installed half life 2 and bought it because some places said i needed to. then i installed Garry mod then boom same thing black screen. and it wont work any one know a fix ?

Another one, I’m in the same boat and still no fix :frowning:

Does anybody know if it’s possible to force Gmod to output to a log or dump file so I might know why it’s freezing?

System Specs, If you could specify what the error is or find the dump for it (in steam/dumps) and upload it to (it would be under hl2.exe)