Garry's Mod Zombie Survival Trailer

I’ve been working on a garry’s mod machinima and here is the trailer for it, I hope you like it.


Wow, really nice thing you made, really want to see the whole movie, do you have any date in mind?

lookin good, i wanna see it NOW!!!

Nah, sorry but when I have, I will tell you.


Thanks. I will make it soon as I can.

I dont see what makes this stand out. It is the definition of cliche, when it comes to garry’s mod videos. Almost every single zombie movies is without a story line and has crappy action of player models shooting at zombies out in the open. Have a story and make it suspenseful or you will get 150 views and will stay there for years. FUCK

Use this as inspiration-
this video is better then 98% all gmod videos and the only zombie movie Iv seen that is amazing

This is just a Trailer for my movie…