[Garry's Mod][Zombie Survival] zs_fear_nuclear[Rambo Creator 25k+ downloads]

Hello, this is the first map I release here, after Rambo for the Counter Strike : Global Offensive Workshop I’ve decided to make a new map, if you got any time you’d better try it, I think you won’t be disappointed and maybe add it to your server map list !
Here are some screens, i’ve started it Saturday 15/06 and it still a work in progress, i’ll publish you the next updates.

And there’s an hammer view


I want you to share your feedback !

I think you should stick to out doors maps like Rambo.

Why? Mappers should always expand their horizon.

And I think you don’t have any criticism at all, this map is still a 2 day work.

TBH rambo is a very mediocre map but this one just looks very ugly.

-Large empty rooms.
-Inconsistent theme and mostly poorly combined textures (rusty metal walls and wood floor?)
-You used normal lights for lamps, this is bad. (use light spots)
-The lighting in general is very flat and boring. For example nearly all lights are white while some areas are pitch black.

I know ZS maps are about gameplay, but at least try to make it look decent.

Yes they should, but they also shouldn’t attempt to release their first map with a concept that is completely new to them.

I gave you my criticism, but just in case you didn’t pick up on it : I meant that interiors are not your thing - yet. Work on interior design.

If my reasoning is not sufficient for you, refer to Grenade Mans’ post.

Looks rather average for a zombie map.
I was expecting more blood, more detailed rooms, better ceiling texture for the room with nukes

Hm kay,“I think you should stick to out doors maps like Rambo.” I does not really help me for anything thanks, anyway i’m still working on it, and heres the evolution :


Added :

  • Texture change
  • Some details have been added
  • All lightning as been remade
  • New zombie spawn (wave 3)
  • Took care of Pufulet recommandation Noxious, here i’ve found someone constructive, nice !
  • Added some holes, modified some fence

I’ll add custom texture, models and sound soon, and I will maybe make it a little bigger

Download :
Fear Nuclear

Why not? It doesn’t hurt any other maps or whatnot, and gives him a medium to receive criticism. Everyone starts out some time.

Here it is now :