Garry's Mod


Well, I am not happy with the result, it seems like there is something missing, dont know what…
Don’t criticize about Gm_construct, we all damn know that it was the first map you played in and that is why it is so special, he is THAT map. The map that you can always play to have fun, to try new things, to play the game for the first time.

I will try to make a better version of it (I dont mean in photoshop) and try to catch the essence of gmod, the thing that makes it so great, but this is what we got for now, witch had lack of thought, oh, and I will use the same soundtrack because it is so damn epic.

Also, see the video, it is worth it

The picture is alright, text might not be the best, and that video was strange.
Not bad strange, just unusual.

This is so great, this should be the next gmod background. It’s so great, you didn’t even add anything like CSS, TF2, DOD or anything, just HL2. 10 out of 10

1:05!!! scroll to 1:05, it’s those scanners that fly around from city 17!


Video is very beautiful


Let me take that back, the movie was godly.

good for garry’s mod background