Garry's Mod?

I have a Toshiba Satellite L355. It has a 2.3 Single core, with on board graphics. I’ve researched my on board graphics and supposedly they match up with an 8800. not the best card, but good enough. I can run Half Life 2 on max so I’m fine with it. But for some reason Source games hate my computer. TF2, Portal, DoD, & Gmod all decided to piss on my hopes and dreams of playing. I have all my drivers updated, Direct X up to date. any suggestions on how to solve my annoying problem?

The only solution is to upgrade.

It would be easier to help you if you were more specific. Does the game just run like shit, does it eat up memory for no reason, does it crash - if so when, does it not start up at all?

what a surprise, someone that will actually try to help me.

Whenever I boot one of the games I’ll see the beginning vids, then it boots me out.

-directx 80

If that doesn’t work, you have no choice but to upgrade.

Nothing else to my knowledge you can do.



If you don’t know what was meant by this, right click the game > properties > set launch options, then paste -directx 80 and try running the game. If that doesn’t work, post again.

You have an Intel GMA 4500 which is around 10 times slower in every single way compared to the 8800.

Here: your card falls below the lowest one on this list:,1686.html

I have a windows vista. It works fine. Your best suggestion is to right click on Garry’s Mod Short Cut> properties > Compatability > Run this program as Administator > Windows XP (Service Pack 2) > Apply > Ok.


Update your drivers graphics.

I didn’t ask for a comment on my graphics card.


yes i know how to do thaat. tried dxlevel 90, 80, 81.
i might need to upgrade. not sure at this point. I can probably find a way to work it out

it appers that although u didn’t ask for a comment on your graphics card, it is necessary. if his information is correct then the problem is definitely the graphics card in which case your negative and hostile reply to it was stupid. oh and hl2 is a source game.


Upgrading is the only solution then.

Why do people always say Intel GMAs can run it with OB, when they can’t it does piss me off.
Well, you can try this, but this will be unavailable on TF2 due to sv_cheats.
turn on the cheats with this sv_cheats 1
turn off the particle effects with this r_drawparticles 0
Fixed temporary until you start GMod again, or you change maps.

there’s no reason i should have to upgrade.
my friend has a 6600 and the same processor as me in his home computer and can play Gmod at low res.
but yet he has to take HL2 to the lowest res to run it
when i can completely max HL2.
It doesn’t add up

For res, the processor doesn’t matter. Its your graphic card that matters.

Had the same problem. Absolutely nothing to do when it come to Toshiba satelitte. R.I.P. My friend

Onboard graphics pretty much fail in OB engine games… can’t handle particle effects maybe?

I think you may be right on that note. I was playing Fallout 3 and couldn’t look at falling water without getting jumpy but got a new gpu that wasn’t on board and now i can look at tons of water and particles.