Garry's Mode Menu

I want to ask , if is possible to change the menu from Garrysmod.
If you will add a new Menu in the next update it will be great because I’m sure that a lost of people what another menu.

You can add backgrounds, there are some nice ones.

You’re from the US and can’t even speak english correctly? How old are you?

Dj, thats exactly what i was thinking

He’s like eight I’m guessing, based on his Steam profile. (the one he linked to here on FP)

Look what i found on his profile:


I’m sure he is 10 if he can type. But counting on his misspelling he is 9.

I’m not from US its a problem there.

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Oooo your so smart you know how to use STEAM.

how I enable Garry’s Mode I herd it lets u ban ppl and use the secrit console command that buffs ur pylon

English not being your first language wouldn’t make your spelling look like that of a retarded six year old.

That along with the fact that you think CoD: Black Ops is “the best multyplayer game” seems to suggest you’re eight years old.

He’s had a history of dumbfuck posting. He doesn’t take a hint.

The hell… you routing through some sort of US proxy?

It’s a bug with flagdog, IIRC every OP is marked as living in the us.

You DumbFuck , BlackOps is a shit game , the controle is bad and much more.

(User was banned for this post ("ass" - garry))

he’s from romania, solved :slight_smile:

Funny how you think it’s “the best shooter multiplayer game”, and what you said about GMOD, I cant even take you seriously!

If I compare BlackOps with MW2 I chose MW2 the control is better.

There’s an issue with FP and/or FlagDog where it shows the OP is from America no matter where they’re from. It’s yet to be fixed.

>You’re from the US
lol, you must be new here.

Ah, pot, I see you’ve met kettle already.

Nice work completely missing the point of that post and making yourself look like a complete idiot in the process.